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Bob Van Buskirk

Bob served as a career U.S. Army , Special Forces officer , serving in Vietnam with the famed Special Forces , SOG force augmented by the CIA and famous for their raids behind enemy lines.

In 1970 he was an officer on the deepest raid ever made behind enemy lines into Laos by a company sized force.

Bob received many awards including five Purple Hearts for wounds in action as well as The Silver Star and Bronze Star , only to later find himself falsely accused of crimes by the German Government and then spending a year in a terrorist prison with members of the PLO, Hamas , The Red Brigade and Badder Meinhoff gangs. What he learned there during a year of solitary confinement changed his life forever.

Bob authored a book titled Tailwind which has been distributed free in prisons across the world and is an ordained Charismatic Episcopal Priest with the Order of St. Dismas , named after the good thief on the cross with Christ. This group was founded by the former prisoner Frank Costantino. These men are sworn to minister to the people who the church does not want. Bob is also a pilot and often flies himself to these prison programs. Listen up to what he has to share as what he learned there changed his life and may help change yours.

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