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Prison Ministry

The backbone of Bill Glass BEHIND THE WALLS’s (CFL) ministry is its prison ministry.  Since 1972, Bill Glass and his crew of volunteer “teammates” have been visiting America’s prisons bringing inmates the message of the gospel in a way like no other ministry on Earth. 

Athletes, entertainers and musicians bring their testimony of salvation through Jesus Christ in an non-stop stunt and music-driven evangelism event.  Through this event, these performers will present their talents along with their testimony.  This talent will establish the credibility that goes along with their portrayal of the gospel message.

Our teammate volunteers move in at the presentation’s end and engage inmates in a dialogue about the gospel.  Teammates use BTW’s “What Do You Think?” tract to discuss how the gospel impacts the believer’s life.

There are two types of events where our teammates may volunteer:

  • Weekend of Champions (WOC) - Held during a two day, Friday and Saturday period, many WOCs reach over 10,000 inmates with the saving message of Christ’s love. 
  • Day of Champions (DOC) – Many BTW events are held during a single Saturday.  These days see decision rates reach nearly 40 percent and provide the backbone of our 60+ event schedule per year.


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